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Our Vision

Our highly accessible and user-friendly software, in the form of an App loaded onto a Smartphone, links workers in rural clinics to volunteer doctors. We provide training from the outset as well as sustained medical and technical support, education and feedback.

Mother carrying her child

We believe this model could be adopted across Africa, and elsewhere, making a significant impact on healthcare outcomes.

Survey results show that using the Virtual Doctors service:

  • Improved a patient’s symptoms in 92% of cases

  • Prevented the need for a hospital referral in 78% of cases

  • Provided an educational benefit in 97% of cases

In Zambia, we are in the process of embedding the Virtual Doctors service into the Zambian Health Care system. We will then be able to scale back our support, leaving the local authorities to take over the service.


This strategy will initially involve expansion to 290 clinics & hospitals by the end of 2023 and will ultimately involve transferring medical records to a Zambian secure data bank and incorporating the service within Ministry training.  

In Malawi, we have recently completed a trial of our service at the invitation of the Ministry of Health. The outcomes and impact of this are currently being evaluated and if more resourcing is found and formalities concluded, we will be in a position to roll this out more widely.

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