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Unveiling the Livingstone Revisited 2024 Expedition: Everything You Need to Know!

The Livingstone Revisited 2024 expedition is a pioneering overland expedition featuring a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals, expedition and safari guides, epidemiologists, videographers, and philanthropists.


Through retracing David Livingstone's historic expeditions whilst simultaneously examining contemporary disease epidemiology and rural healthcare in Zambia and Malawi, this expedition will bridge the past and the present, offering valuable insights into the evolution of healthcare and the challenges and barriers faced by rural communities. The story of Livingstone will serve as a thematic backdrop and our slogan “From Scottish Missionary to Digital Missionaries” emphasises how the expedition links elements of history with science, education, conservation and technology.

Here our Medical Director, Daniel, explains what the expedition entails:

The Problem:

Zambia and Malawi have 1 doctor per 12,000 people. For context, countries like the UK and USA have 1 doctor per 360 people. Therefore if someone living in a remote clinic in Zambia or Malawi has an illness or an accident, it is hard for them to get healthcare advice as the majority of doctors live in the cities.

Rural healthcare staff and technology can help provide a solution for this but not everywhere has internet access...

We're on a mission to find out if internet accessibility plays a role in people's health outcomes. Spoiler alert: it probably does.

The Solution:

Now, here's where you come in. Do you want to be a hero and help us make a real difference in the world whilst addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals?

Of course, you do!

So, what are you waiting for? Join us on this epic adventure, and let's change the world, one healthcare challenge at a time.

You can make a donation and help this pioneering expedition become a reality


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