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Prescribing a Future of Health and Wellness: 3 Sided Cube X The Virtual Doctors

As you may know, we are currently in the process of revamping our tech, with the help of 3 Sided Cube, a Tech for Good mobile app development company based in Bournemouth in the UK. 3 Sided Cube have built bespoke software for organisations such as the American Red Cross, the UNHCR and UNESCO so we are very excited about this collaborative opportunity.

Last year Daniel, our medical director, and Isabelle, one of our trustees joined a panel discussion hosted by 3 Sided Cube to talk about how technology is transforming the health and wellness space:

From huge advancements in the NHS offering digital appointments with your doctor becoming the norm, to research and data sharing in the global race for a global vaccine rollout, technology has been instrumental in significant changes made across these sectors.

The discussion also featured speakers from The British Red Cross , Stigma and Planned Parenthood


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