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Doctor Robert Mills and his wife recently visited Zambia, marking his return after 50 years since he first arrived in the country. The doctor, who still remembers the native language spoken in the area where he worked in 1973, was full of energy and excitement as he paid a visit to Mount Makulu Clinic.


Upon their arrival at Mount Makulu Clinic, Doctor Mills and his wife were warmly received by the sister in charge and Mr. Victor Mulenga. The clinic's staff were thrilled to meet Doctor Mills and hear about his experience in the medical field. The purpose of his visit was to understand the challenges that the facility may be facing and assess the quality of healthcare patients receive at the clinic.

Doctor Mills interacting with the Sister in Charge and Mr Mulenga, Virtual Doctors' service user at Mount Makulu Clinic

At the clinic, Doctor Mills who is a volunteer doctor at the Virtual Doctors, had the opportunity to interact with the staff, including Mr Victor Mulenga, one of the Virtual Doctors' service users. The clinic, which has a catchment population of 24,423, offers various services such as antenatal care, laboratory services, x-ray, outpatient services, maternity care, and HIV testing and counselling services. The clinic conducts around 16 deliveries per week and refers complex cases to the University Teaching Hospital.


During his visit, Doctor Mills toured all the departments at the clinic where he observed the clinic’s operations. As he was interacting with Mr Mulenga, the Doctor inquired about the challenges Mr Mulenga faces when consulting on the Virtual Doctors' app and the usefulness of the learning tools he provides. He was keen to learn more about the nature of the facilities to produce quality education materials that will benefit the clinicians in Zambia.

Doctor Mills during the facility tour at Mount Makulu

The clinician and the sister in charge were thrilled to meet Doctor Mills and his wife and they were eager to show them around the clinic. Doctor Mills was impressed with the dedication and commitment of the clinicians and the sister in charge towards providing quality healthcare services to the patients. He was also impressed by the state of the clinic and the equipment and supplies available.


The visit was not just memorable but also impactful as the doctor donated $100 to the clinic to enable the purchase of much-needed supplies. This generous donation will go a long way in improving the quality of healthcare services that the clinic provides to the patients. The doctor's gesture was highly appreciated by the clinicians and the sister in charge who were overwhelmed with gratitude.

Doctor Mills and his wife, Mr Mulenga, Wilson, Virtual Doctors representative during the site visit at Mount Makulu Clinic

It was heart-warming to see the enthusiasm and passion that Doctor Mills still has for improving healthcare in Zambia after 50 years since his first visit. He was impressed by the progress made in terms of healthcare infrastructure and the commitment of healthcare workers towards providing quality healthcare services to the people of Zambia.


Doctor Mills also took the opportunity to explore the local culture and engage with the community. He was fascinated by the richness of the Zambian culture and appreciated the warm hospitality of the people he met.


Overall, Doctor Mills' visit to Zambia was a success as it allowed him to reconnect with the country he had worked in and to witness first-hand the progress made in healthcare. His dedication and commitment to improving healthcare in Zambia serves as an inspiration to healthcare workers worldwide.

Doctor Mills interacting with Mr Victor Mulenga at Mount Makulu Clinic in Chilanga District

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