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What if a smart phone could save a life?

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We think it can!

So does the woman who recovered after being seriously ill with mis-prescribed medicine. So does the little boy whose leg was saved after a snake bite. So do many more...

How is it done?

We provide a smart phone, loaded with our specially written app, to Clinical Officers working in remote clinics. When a patient with a complex or unusual condition appears, the Clinical Officer creates a patient file with examination notes and photos. This is uploaded to the cloud. A doctor in the UK reviews it and offers diagnostic and treatment advice. 

Why don't they just go to hospital?

These are places where people regularly walk or cycle long distances to their nearest clinic or referral hospital, and even then often receive inadequate treatment or diagnosis due to the centre being under-resourced.

Our simple telemedicine software, designed with rural communities in mind, connects remote health care workers, with a panel of volunteer doctors who give diagnosis and treatment advice on complex cases.

As a result, patients are diagnosed more quickly and more often treated in their communities. If the referral cannot be helped, our service enables the CO to stabilise the patient before their journey to hospital and surgery.

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