Oh, I do like to be by the seaside

Worthing Seafront 10k

The day started well, a light breeze, unprecedented October temperatures and the promise of sunshine despite being issued with the running number 13 which I was assured was a lucky number really!


After warming up at the start by courtesy of a local fitness guru the shout went out “go”!  Huw Jones, our Executive Director, passed me very early on – well he has longer legs than I do!  “I’ll see you at the end” I said but I don’t think he heard me over the whoosh of the runner’s vortex!


10k is a nice distance – in old money that’s just 6.2 miles!  That’s doable with a bit of training.  With three mile out and pretty much the same distance back it’s the equivalent to approximately two Saturday morning park runs.  You feel so fortunate to be out there in the fresh air with the sea just a pebble throw away.  Huw says that Worthing is one of the sunniest places in Britain and although the sun didn’t quite live up to expectations this morning it was very mild and this West Sussex coastal town was certainly very popular today with loads of tourists and some kind spectators cheering us on.

I had my Garmin watch on and attempted to pace myself from the start –a steady 10 minute mile is just about right for me  – I was doing very well until I got to the short bit of pebbles and then the park with the long grass at the turn.   I was now feeling my lack of training and wish I had gone out a bit more over the past few weeks.   My out time then, was quicker than my back time but there is no shame in that as I was taking in the sea views plus there were more people promenading along the seafront on the return.  With the majority of the field in front they had ceased to part the way. 


One of our supporters Heather Conolly was running too.  Like me she hadn’t done much training but was determined to finish because she has also been raising sponsorship.  Thank you Heather!  We do really appreciate your efforts and the funds you have helped to raise will enable the Virtual Doctors to continue our work and expansion into new areas in rural Africa. 

Heather and I actually had a lot of fun today and did eventually catch up with Huw at the end, looking very cool, calm and collected by the time we both finished.  We all came in with respectable times well within our expectations.  We enjoyed some great company too – there were elite runners and local club runners of course but also people like the lady who had lost 7 stone since she took up running, the chap who was recovering from a recent hip replacement and an 80+ year old running veteran too!

Raising funds for a charity is never easy and choosing to do something energetic that you have to train for is adding to the challenge.  It doesn’t have to be a 10k – it can be any distance, any local event, walk, run, cycle or jog.  The hard bit is plucking up the courage to ask friends and family to come up with some sponsorship, the easy bit is taking part and challenging yourself to get to the end.  Huw and I chose to set up a JustGiving page and we have managed to raise enough to fund the cost of providing a mobile phone for a clinical officer and bandwidth for a health centre for one year with some to spare.  We are happy that you have helped us and want to say thank you to our sponsors.  The Virtual Doctors can also provide you with hard copy sponsor forms too if you don’t want to use the digital methods.

Check out our times here.


If you do read this to the end then you have also made it to the finishing line with us!  If we have inspired you to want to support our cause then its not too late to sponsor Huw and Ros by going to our JustGiving page.  We would like to thank all of those generous colleagues, friends and family who have already done so – you all deserve a medal too!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mark Caswell of MCC Promotions who kindly agreed to give an “off line” entry concession to the Virtual Doctors fundraisers in this morning’s event.  Mark organises quite a few events and said he would welcome Virtual Doctors supporters again, so why not check out some up and coming events if you spot any of interest then please email me rosbird@virtualdoctors.org and I will facilitate an introduction. 

It’s never to late to get fit and fund. Go on.. try it!

Ros Bird, Trustee, the Virtual Doctors
15 October 2017

*The Worthing Seafront 10k was organised by a third party organiser and the Virtual Doctors cannot accept any liability, responsibility or association with any negative post event comments, and we cannot enter into any disputes or disagreements that may involve participants taking part in this event which must be directed to the organiser of the event in every instance. 

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