Virtual Doctors Helps Injured Toddler

The Virtual Doctors is used by rural based clinical officers to treat a large variety of patient cases.

Here is a full case example of a very young patient with severe burns:

Thandi was brought in by her mother and aunt in severe pain after boiling water from a large pot was knocked over her head, neck and face. The Clinical Officer felt the baby should be referred but no transport to the distant hospital was available. In the meantime, he was treating her with antiseptic lotion and had put the baby on an IV drip. Seeking advice, the Clinical Officer prepared a case using the Virtual Doctors’ system, which was reviewed by a specialist in the UK. The consulting doctor advised fluids were the most important, recommending 1300ml in the first day, followed by fluids orally when the baby was able to drink. For pain relief, the doctor recommended 6-hourly doses of Panodol syrup and to clean Thandi’s wounds daily with sterile saline followed by Betadine dressings. She recommended IV Cloxacillin antibiotic if Thandi’s wounds became infected. Most importantly, the doctor recommended Thandi be referred to a hospital, if at all possible, due to potential damage to her eyes and cautioned that diligent care and attention were required as the burns on her neck were at serious risk of developing into contractures that would be permanently disfiguring and debilitating.

Thandi has since made a full recovery.

Huw JonesComment