2018: we are launching our service into Malawi!

100% of our funding is donated by generous supporters.  We now have an exciting opportunity to take our service into Malawi but cannot start this new work without ensuring that we have sufficient funds to run a trial, and sustain the ongoing service.  We are currently desperately short of funds and need more donations to help to kick start the phased entry into Malawi, a country whose people would greatly benefit from the service.   

  • Just £5 per month could help to fund the internet bandwidth cost for a clinical officer to access the Virtual Doctors service
  • A donation of £200 could pay for a handheld device which can be issued to a clinical officer in a rural clinic
  • £500 could help fund the training of a clinical officer and set up costs in a clinic
  • £1000 could bring a new clinic onto the Virtual Doctors platform, complete with internet band-with for an entire year. Typically, a rural clinic serves over 12,000 people
  • £20,000 could bring 20 clinics onto the platform


All donations add up – even small ones will make a difference.

Act Now, Act Fast ..... Here are some ways you can help TODAY with this urgent appeal:-

Why not do a personal challenge,  or get your company/colleagues involved and

set up your own JustGiving page and link it to our campaign page

Check out our Fit & Fund page for ideas and start raising funds today!