Fundraising can be fun at any time of the year but riding on the sleigh of good spirits as the festive season approaches can be doubly rewarding.  Encouraging colleagues, friends and family to get involved brings you all closer together and gets you all behind a great cause.  You just need a blend of some enthusiasm and a dash of creativity to make the perfect cocktail for success!   It can be so easy to raise funds and every little helps so whatever you choose to do will make a difference.

Here are some ideas…

Donate in Lieu of Cards

Cards are getting more expensive and postage costs are rising.  Are you fed up with writing all those cards every year but do you still want to keep in touch with colleagues friends and family?  Why not send an e-card at the press of a button and make a donation to the Virtual Doctors instead.  Check out:  Dontsendmeacard.  Remember a card is not just for Christmas, there are lots of other special occasion cards available too!

Shop online in your favourite stores

Do you plan to do your Christmas Shopping on line?  OK, so every time you shop with your favourite store online you could be making a donation to the Virtual Doctors.  It could not be easier – just check out the GiveasYouLive website, register and remember to switch on GiveasYouLive when you shop.  Donations will just come tumbling through to us.

Other Fundraising ideas:-


  • Come Dine with Me – get several friends to organise a series of dinner parties and then make a donation to match what you think their meal is worth if you had paid for it.
  • Film evening with that memorable DVD – charge your friends and family to join you, get out the pop corn and enjoy an oldie.
  • Hold a G & T reception with a dash of VDrs in the mix and ask for a donation for each cocktail!  (Have non alcoholic options too and remember - never encourage your guests to drink and drive!)

Get your workplace involved.

  • Dress down day/Christmas jumper day (donate to look fab in decorative wear – you could even go for the glitzy hat competition too!)
  • Present wrapping service in reception – get that special parcel wrapped in exchange for a donation
  • Stage a Christmas Fete or Quiz with Mince Pies, Mulled Wine and carols and ask for donations for refreshments
  • Nominate the Virtual Doctors as your charity of choice if you have an annual staff vote for charity of the year
  • Send a corporate e-card and donate from your marketing budget

Organise an event at school

Rally your classmates

  • Hold a mince pie or cake sale and ask for donations
  • Stage a Christmas Hat or Antler day and ask for entry fees and judge the best one
  • Raise sponsorship through a Leave your phone at home day or refrain from texting or turn off your notifications for 24 hrs – now there’s a challenge!!

Think of us in church

  • Nominate the Virtual Doctors for a Retiring collection – we have small donation envelopes that we can provide which will help raise gift aid too!
  • Nominate us as the International Charity of the Year for 2018 - ask for our Church Fundraising leaflet
  • Approach a local garden centre to see if they will host a wreath making demonstration in your church with admission fees being donated to the Virtual Doctors
  • Have a Christmas Tree festival and encourage local companies to provide and deck out a branded Christmas tree in a creative way and then have a preview

Nominate us through your club

  • Are you involved with a club? Are you a Rotarian, a Mason, a Soroptimist, a Lion, or in another network – nominate us as your charity of the year or ask for someone to come and deliver a talk at one of your meetings?
  • Sporting interest?  Why not organise a sports challenge at the local gym or club
  • Calling all Golfers!  Please recommend us to your Golf Club Vice Captain if they still need to choose a charity of the year for members to support
  • Whatever your interest, there will be a way to raise funds through your hobby, and involving your colleagues – just ask them to come up with ideas – you will be surprised what fun that can be – and that’s before you start!.

Personal Resolve

  • Donate your last hour’s pay of the outgoing year
  • Set up monthly payroll giving with your employer for the new year
  • Find some New Year’s resolve - take part in a Sponsored slim, give up smoking challenge, take up a new sport and set a target to fundraise for us
  • Enter a sporting challenge and raise funds through your participation.
  • Check out our Fit and Fund page and download our A-Z of fundraising, for advice on how to raise sponsorship.