About THE NT100

We are thrilled to have been included in this global celebration of the most inspiring applications of technology for social good.

The Nominet Trust 100 (also known as the NT100) celebrates the people and organisations using digital technology to change the world for the better. It brings together 100 of the world's most inspiring examples of social innovation, where digital technologies have been used to tackle a significant social challenge.

The NT100 aims to:

·         Celebrate how much is being done by social innovators to tackle real social challenges, often under the radar.

·         Learn from what has driven these social tech entrepreneurs and provide insights into what makes it possible for a social tech venture to have impact at scale.

·         Inspire others to follow in their steps, to raise the ambitions of social innovators using technology, and accelerate the use of digital technology as a tool for significant social change.

The 2016 Nominet Trust 100, comprised of public nominations and our own research, was selected by our fantastic group of judging partners including: Big Lottery Fund, Cancer Research UK, Comic Relief, Nominet, Oxfam, Telefonica O2, Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Society Guardian.

The same group of judging partners (including: Big Lottery Fund, Cancer Research UK, Comic Relief, Nominet, Oxfam, Telefonica O2 and Society Guardian) recognised our Executive Director, Huw Jones, as an Everyday Tech Hero as an inspiring example of someone, who having experienced a challenge first-hand, has used technology to tackle it.

It is an honour to be counted amongst so many inspiring ventures.