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Zambia Labour Day Celebrations May 2023

On Labour Day, May 1st, 2023, the Virtual Doctors organization had the honour of recognizing Mr. Victor Nduwayo for his outstanding contributions to healthcare service using our telemedicine platform. Mr. Nduwayo has been consistently consulting with us since August of 2020, and we are proud to have him as one of our consistent service users.

Mambwe District, located in the Eastern Province of Zambia, is home to the world-renowned South Luangwa National Park. It is approximately 700km east of Lusaka Province and borders Lundazi district to the north, Mpika to the north-west, Serenje to the west, and Petauke to the south-west, with Katete to the south and Chipata on the south-east side of the district.

Our representative arrived in Mambwe District, located in the Eastern Province of Zambia, after a long journey from Lusaka Province. The next morning, he visited the District Health Office, where he was welcomed by the District Health Director and the Clinical Care Officer. They expressed their excitement about our initiative and the recognition of one of their clinicians on Labour Day

The event was celebrated under the theme "Accelerating Job Creation for Economic Growth," with the District Commissioner, Mr William Banda, as the Guest of Honour. The ceremony was graced by different performances, and we were delighted to be present as a non-governmental organization.

During the ceremony, Mr. Nduwayo received his award from the Virtual Doctors, expressing his gratitude and pledging to continue using our service and encouraging others to embrace technology when treating patients. He shared how our service has helped him in resolving most of the complex cases that he encounters at Chikowa Rural Health Centre.

We are grateful to the District Health Director, Clinical Care Officer, and all the healthcare providers for their continued support and collaboration with the Virtual Doctors. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to recognize Mr. Nduwayo and to continue working.

The Clinical Care Officer and the District Health Director thanked the Virtual Doctors for their continued support and recommended that the Virtual Doctors should begin to recognize the Clinical Care Officers as well on such events as they are the key personnel who ensure the success of the program through their concerted efforts in making sure there is coordination.

The Mambwe District Commissioner, Mr William Banda haing over the VirtualDoctors award to Mr Victor Nduwayo during Labour Day celebrations.

the Guest of Honour, Mr Banda Speaking during the Labour Day celebrations in Mambwe.

Mambwe District community members. 

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VDrs repersentative Wilson Hand over the award to Victor. Also Pictured is (left) and  (right).

Traditional dancers performing as part of the celebrations.

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