The Virtual Doctors provides sophisticated, yet easy to use bespoke telemedicine (technology & medicine) software and smartphones with internet access. 

This empowers health workers in rural Africa by enabling them to send electronic patient files to volunteer doctors for diagnosis and treatment advice, helping to save lives. Read more...

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the aim

To help improve the local primary healthcare in some of the most remote and impoverished areas of Africa.

These are places where people regularly walk or cycle long distances to their nearest clinic or referral hospital, and even then often receive inadequate treatment or diagnosis due to the centre being under-resourced.

the service

The Virtual Doctors is a unique service.

Our simple technology and medicine or 'telemedicine' software, designed with rural Zambia in mind, connects remote health care workers, called Clinical Officers, with a panel of volunteer doctors who give diagnosis and treatment advice on complex cases.

As a result, patients are diagnosed more quickly and more often treated in their communities.

the software

The Virtual Doctors service provides rural health centres with a smartphone loaded with our bespoke telemedicine software.

When a patient with a complex or unusual condition presents, the Clinical Officer creates a patient file with examination notes and photos and uploads it to the cloud. A doctor in the UK then reviews the file and offers diagnostic and treatment advice. 

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